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Chapter Scholarship Program

Our chapter is dedicated to raising money to fund scholarships for deserving Shelby County students who want to attend UA. We will never stop in our effort to raise funds and help these students.

There are many scholarships available. A student must first apply to and be accepted to the university for admission with a minimum 3.0 GPA and 21 ACT or 1000 SAT. Students can submit an application for admission online at apply.ua.edu. After being accepted, students may apply for the following:

Scholarship Opportunities Available:
  • scholarships available through the university. The Scholarship Application may be accessed at myBama.ua.edu. This must be done by the December 1st priority date.
  • the Alumni Scholarship Award (requirements here)
  • the Alumni Heritage Award (requirements here)
  • the Shelby County Chapter Alumni Association Scholarship

There is no application process for the Shelby County Alumni Association Scholarship. The University provides us with the information of those qualified from Shelby County. Our Scholarship Committee awards the scholarship funds from that list. However, you should feel free, and encouraged, to contact any of our members if you know of a worthy and deserving student.

We also want to help The University of Alabama identify and recruit Shelby County's best and brightest, so if you are aware of a student who should be headed to the university, let us know and we will notify university officials to make sure they are aware and are actively recruit that student. Yes, students get recruited too!